Angelina Jolie's Movie "Wanted"

Remember when she made her announcement that now that she is a Mom she is not going to do voilent movies? So she still does sex scences, and she still does violent movies but Brad is not allowed to do sex scenes. Ummm? who do you think wears the pants in this tribe?


Britney Boozing It Up

Here's a video of Jamie Spears and Britney at Christian Audigier's birthday party the other night. As soon as Jamie notices they are being videotaped, watch him as he quickly moves the booze away from Britney. You can tell he is on damage control with her. But I have to hand it to Jamie, she seems much more normal now.

Britney Gets In Another Accident

Daddy Spears needs to take away her keys or sell that car. She obviously still doesn't know how to drive.

Jamie Lynn Spears Pregnant Belly Video

Finally we get to see the belly bump. I was starting to think it was another PR ploy for them to get more attention. But looks like she's coming along fine now. I wonder how long before she shaves her head and quite wearing panties?

Paris Dancing In Turkey

This girl has zero rhythm. She is at a pageant in Turkey and a famous belly dancer tries to get Paris to learn how to belly dance. Paris can't get it so she just poses and throws her self around like the fool that she is. Is her 15 minutes almost up now? Please?

Obama Girl Tell Hillary To Get Out

Looks like this Skank is still milking her 15 minutes of fame. She probably is really not even voting. I am sure this is nothing other than a publicity stunt for HER!

Prison in the Philippines

Well, they are back! The prisioners in the Philippines made their debut a few months ago doing a Michael Jackson's Thriller.

I guess they take requests, because due to popular demand they performed the Soulja Boy dance followed by MC Hammer's "You Can't Touch This."

Priscilla Presley On Dancing With The Stars

Well Priscilla admits to getting automotive silicone injected into her face, but I have to say for a 60+ woman, she still looks really good. Her from Argentina who was injecting his clients with low-grade silicone similar to what's used to lube auto parts. Dr. Daniel Serrano gave Priscilla the injections in 2003 and told her it was better than Botox. Dr. Serrano smuggled the non-FDA approved drug into the US and charged $300 to $500 per session.

The feds have named him Dr. Jiffy Lube. I hope he is good at working on exhaust systems too. He'll need it in jail.

Britney Is Looking Hot

Britney traded in her old brown weave for a new blonde one. One look at this picture and you must admit, she is looking really hot these days. My guess is she will start modeling soon.


K Fed In Las Vegas

KFed turned 30 this weekend and celebrated it in Las Vegas. The only recognizable person in the group besides K Fed was Shar Jackson, his ex. It seems the crowd wasn't feeling him because they boo'd him as he babbled about his voice and losing money once he grabbed the mic. A friend of his save him from himself and pulled the mic away.

Jared Leto in Chapter 27

Jared Leto and Lindsay Lohan star in Chapter 27 which will hit the theaters on March 28th.

It's just hard to even think of Lindsay Lohan as a serious actress.

Chocolate Rain~ Youtube Award~Tay Zonday

Tay is amazing."Chocolate Rain"is an original song by Tay Zonday
I can't believe this voice comes out of this guy! Love it

Britney's Acting Debut~ Well, Debut #3

J Lo Steps Out In NYC

Wow, looks like Jlo not only got her Celebriry tummy tuck with her C section, but looks like she also go her face lifted. Looking quite well rested doesn't she?

Looks like Skeletor is the one getting stuck feeding the kids. He probaby expresses her milk while she sleeps. You know this bitch isn't taking care of those kids.


Ellen Degeneres Loves Madonna's New Song

Watch Ellen break the beat down